Imagine all your hard efforts just to maintain one of the best relationships of your life with this lady just to find out they were all for nothing. How pathetic right? Unrequited love is more like a hard pill to swallow. Discovering your lady is no longer interested in you can be very difficult but the main question after you have discovered this tragic circumstance laced with the thought and feeling of rejection, low self-esteem and humiliation, can it be handled or can you make her love you back? Lay your butt on a surface because you are about to change your situation in a moment. Pay rapt attention to these signs:

Love, love so well but don’t be so blindfolded that you wouldn’t know when to leave when you’re not needed.

She does things that concerns both of you at her convenience: When there is the lack of urgency to do things that pertain to both of you, this is a sign that she views you as unimportant. Things like whenever you call, she picks it when she feels she is free. Bottom line there no sense of compromise.

She cuts you off from her plans: Situations whereby she is comfortable with your constant absence in her plans shows how disinterested she is about the relationship. Creating out time for dates and all she gives you are frequent excuses is just more than a clue but a clear cut decision that has been made but yet to be spoken out.

She eliminates all forms of physical contact: A good sign of a sound romantic relationship is physical contacts. The power of touches change things but when her body language expresses otherwise such as, hostility, becoming unapproachable and it is always very difficult to get along, then it’s time to think young man!

She pays more attention to her phone that she does to you: Whenever you start up a conversation with her, do pay attention to her body dispositions and her nonverbal cues. Is she giving you her utmost attention or has transferred it to her mobile device. The device gets attention and is more preferred than your presence.

She does not notice changes in your appearance : Compliments add some form of seasoning to a good relationship but when she fails to notice your physical looks such as a nice haircut, when you shave and things like that let alone compliment then is a disinterest.

She is not true to her word: The starting point of a staggering trust is when any one of the partners is not true to his or her words. Discovering her promises mean nothing to her, that poses a clue that you mean nothing to her.

She is okay when you are not available: Notice her attitude whenever you tell her you will have to cancel a date or you will not be present for something that matters so much to her or you will not be able to make it to her place. Is she always angry or she displays an attitude of pleasure of it pleasing her, so to say? These point marks are very important.

She barely say the “word”: Those eight letter words always produce a pleasurable impact not just on the person’s day but also in his or her sleep. Do you know the thought of being loved? The feeling is heavenly. So when she finds it had to always use the word “I LOVE YOU” then she is no longer interested.

She gets comfortable with every situation: Being jealous is a show of value to be reasonable extent and even though it’s not supposed to be predominant. Jealousy shows how much you treasure each other but when she feels okay seeing you hanging around with an unknown opposite sex without the thought questioning you then you are no longer in her world. Note; do not mistake this for trust. There is an extent to which trust plays in but she sees you with another lady and fails to ask for the identity of the person then the clue is obvious.

She hardly remember special moments: In a growing relationship, the mind feeds on pleasant memories especially in a distant one. These memories should be something both of you connect with but when she has no regard for them or even does not remember them then it is well written all over her face that you’re the only person left in the relationship.

In situations like these, questions like these are bound to come up; should I confront her?, I am really sure its not my mind playing tricks on me?, does this mean I am not good for anybody?, what did I do to deserve this? Its important you don’t lock this question in, let them out and that is a step towards solution .After all these, the answer to having to gain her love back is possible and that can only be done when both of you discuss on what is affecting the relationship. But when the opposite is the case its very important you don’t eat your self up. Focus on you. You are the best tool for love that you can ever have.

By Babatunde Adesokan

Pen Wizard 🖋️😉

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