Matters that borders on life, existence and living have no absolute take. It’s all opinionated. No cookbook. No manuals. No true guide. Just a bunch of individualised recipes in preparation for the eventual end of it. There is no goose and gander here. You’re the sauce.

Just some hours ago, a Twitter user posted about a Muslim neighbour that came to drop a package of fruits, salad and hand sanitizer. Before anything, we were humans the need for tolerance, living in peace, love and be on the look out for each other has never really peaked as these days have been like.

It has shown the fact that, we humans have been basically separated by the opinions of some misguided fellows. It is really pathetic we have have to lash out to each in such ways simply because they have been blacklisted or misrepresented.

This goes beyond what this fellow has done in the sense of the the religious beliefs but rather that of the need to break down all barriers and love, live and really be human for once.

LGBTs should not be castigated or segregated, a gender should not be made to be superior and the others designated as the other and discriminated against, judgment and attribution of things shouldn’t be made based on skin colour or the intonation.

Live, love and enjoy! I believe this time has taught us how to actually live knowing fully well now that we’re compartments and the need for someone to the his brother’s keeper is really important.

By Babatunde Adesokan

Pen Wizard 🖋️😉

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