Stories are best told from experience. In the same light, nothing is created out of a vacuum. This is a story the clouded my early childhood in college.

Love is really a good thing, it conjures. For some people, it is another dose of opium for our soul just after music. It carries a blindfolding powers that not only reconstruct but also represent.

For someone like me, it is was burden… At least, not again. If I was taken to a seer and be told that I would ever fall in love with Demilade my seatmate, well, I will not be able to hold my smiles.. I will burst into laughter and firmly assert that it can’t be us.

Well, you’ve been wondering and eager to know the story behind this, right? Then, let do a short narration.

I was not a quiet type in class and at the same, it wasn’t that I talk so much but when I see one, I give it my best. Just like any other school day, it was a Monday morning, I was already at school and was trying to check my mathematics note to catch up with what we’ve been taught. Well, that evil witch would enter class immediately after the assembly and the first set of utterances would be, “Hey you, come and solve this on the board”. I was never a fan and would always get beaten for that. As I was saying, still going through my book trying to see if there is a way to escape today’s punishment, she would always see me. Just some hours later, we were on our way to the class after the assembly, the principal had addressed us as usual, we walked on a straight line to class. The lines or queue? You don’t dare disrupt it! I sat in class, with all hopes high that I wouldn’t be seen and that I would escape being called. Well, maybe something miraculous is about to happen, that, I do not know yet. The only thing I saw was the principal walking towards our class with a young lady. Well, I wasn’t just paying attention. So, I won’t describe how her appearance was. Fast forward, she was a new student that’s joining the class. She was welcomed by the class captain and she made her way into the middle of the class, ha! This witch is coming to my side, I screamed silently! There was a space beside me, I keep my bag and other accessories on it because I don’t use my wristwatch or band in class. Hol up! Hol up! She just grabbed my new black bag and flung it to me. I wasn’t angry, I was mad at her! She didn’t even greet, all she did is pack my stuff! My stuff! Aside, what a cruel world, if it was to be outside the class, I would have shown her what stuff I am made of. Arrant nonsense, she just sat and throughout that day, we didn’t talk. Oh, don’t let me forget to say the evil woman didn’t come to class, ooo!

I suffered many embarrassments from this, although, we don’t talk, don’t greet but yet she successfully mashed my ego. The one I can remember right now is that particular day the biology teacher was reading out notes to us to copy and at some point, I couldn’t spell some words… Can you believe this lady wrote those words as I encountered them and kept passing it to me chronologically. Oh-oh! Me that I’m a scholar! One of the best students in the class! Biology, English and Economics defending champion! Oh-oh! Another one I could remember as at the time of writing this was when I was told to go get chalk for the teacher… I am chubby and my friends, annoying ones, do call Gaandi (Ganiyy that pushes bum bum out). As I walked out and the whole class burst into laughter! I wasn’t so pained until I was returning to my seat and this girl, loudly burst into laughter and screamed Gaandi. Well, that was the point where everything changed. I left with my stuff to another side of the class and swapped seat with someone. I thought I have escaped until this lady reported me to the class teacher that I have started disrupting seating arrangements. The man stormed the class and wiped me some sticks. At that point, I decided to make peace with her, nothing is forthcoming and this girl would “suffer me” if I’m not careful. I walked up to her after several hours of contemplating, could you believe this lady snubbed me! Well, I went home sad.

The next morning in class, she walked up to me and said, if you had viewed me from a different perspective, you would have experienced something different. And then, it occurred to me what if I had not passed an early judgment on her at first sight, what if I had taken my eyes off her errors as she walked into class, what if I had offered her a seat and not waited till she forced herself in, maybe if I had done that, it would have been a different narrative entirely.

This is to say, look always at the other side of a thing. Half information, have perspective, half education, half-knowledge kills much more than you can imagine.

I and Demilade, after then, started being friends and we later progressed from being fighters to being lovers.

By Babatunde Adesokan

Pen Wizard 🖋️😉

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