Well, not until today I too have been committing this grievous offence without knowing. Earlier today, a young Hausa man tweeted about the use of the phrase that it is not only derogatory but also does it undermines the people of that particular entity of the country.

Ordinarily, both southerners and westerners in Nigeria will always refer an Hausa man as “Aboki”. What is worthy of note is that most times, it is directed to those who take up menial jobs. Nevertheless, as pointed out by the Twitter for Arewa, it is a a derogatory word that means an uneducated, uncivilized person, who often exhibit comical characteristics. It uses shows a kind of stereotype that all northerners are “Aboki”.

Well, we westerns are guilty of this as we at every point call an Hausa person “Aboki”.

The other name which is closely associated is “Sule”. This name, Sule, typifies someone being a fool when called. It is a name that associates closely with the Hausa people.

This was posted as a reaction to the name calling.

Bunch of Nigerians, have claimed ignorant to this claim and has apologized accordingly. Among such people is Dr Awojide, a Senior Lecturer in the United Kingdom, Dr PamPam, an influencer and digital marketer and so on.

Dr PamPam apology tweet.
Dr Dípò’s thread on it

So friends, let us be guided!! Don’t let a Hausa person vex for you oh! Take to correction before you see red eyes.

Thanks for reading, God bless.

By Babatunde Adesokan

Pen Wizard 🖋️😉

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