For some days now, Ógùn state has been under the siege of Armed Robbers who are reportedly between the ages of 16-18 years of age. They have been terrorizing the state for about 78hours straight. They have stolen, destroyed and raped several women and households.

After several attempts to involve the police which proved abortive, some of the citizens have taken it upon themselves to secure their communities on their own. Unarmed, they caught about 10 at different locations while others fled.

The video showing residents out at midnight to secure their communities.
Some oof the videos of residents and the latest development is that the police has joined in
them on the roads.

These gangs are unbelievably young guys but have chosen to be something else by terrorizing, raping and robbing residents of Ógùn state. Below are their pictures:

Just last night, a group of vigilantes moved out of their homes to join in the fight against armed Robbers in Lagos, the video is below:

Details later…

By Babatunde Adesokan

Pen Wizard 🖋️😉

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