The list of phobias: Know your Fears

The concept of fear is more or less an emotion caused by the perception of an eminent threat or danger. Where does phobia comes in? Have you ever had that feeling of ghost chasing you or anytime you are on your balcony there is this inordinate fear that engulfs you. That funny feeling is known as acrophobia which means the fear of height. Remarkably this fear has little or not danger ahead. This is a full description of phobia. An irrational fear will little or no actual danger.

How much of this irrational emotions do we have? You will be surprised.
Abandonment – athagoraphobia
Accidents – dystychiphobia
Anger- angrophobia
Animals- zoophobia
Ants – myrmecophobia
Bathing – ablutophobia
Being seen – ophthalmophobia
Begin stared at – sscopophobia
Birds – ornithophobia
Black – melanophobia
Blood – heamophobia
Books – bibliophobia
Cancer – cancerophobia
Car journey – amaxophobia
Cats – ailurophobia
Chickens – alektorophobia
Childbirth – lockiophobia
Choking – anginophobia
Churches – ecclesiophobia
Cold – psychrophobia

Cooking – mageirocoohobia
Corpses – necrophobia
Criticism – allodoxaphobia
Crowd – agoraphobia
Dark – nyctophobia
Dental treatment – dentophobia
Dirt – mysophobia
Dogs – cynoohobia
Dolls – pediophobia
Dreams – oneirophobia
Drinking – dipsophobia
Enclosed spaces – claustrophobic
Failure – kakorrhaphobia
Falling – basiphobia
Fire – pyrophobia
Fish – ichthyophobia
Flowers – anthophobia
Flying – aerophobia
Forgetting – athagoraphobia
Ghost – phantasmophobia
Out along – isolophobia
Height – ecrophobia
Hell – hadephobia

Homosexual – homophobia
Kissing – pholemaphobia
Loneliness – autophobia
Long words – seauipedaphobia
Love and being in love – philophobia
Marriage – gamophobia
Madicines – pharmacophobi
Men – androphobia
Money – chrematophobia
Needle and pins – aaicchmophobia
Noise – phonophobia
Nudity – gymnophobia
Old people – gerontophobia
Opposite sex – heterophobia
Poverty – peniaphobia
Politicians – politicophobia
Pregnancy – tocophobia
Public speaking – glossophobia
Rape – virginitiphobia
Responsibility – hypegiaphobia
Ridicule – catagelophobia
School – didaskeleinophobia
Sexual matters – erotophobia
Thunder and lightning – astraphobia
Water – hydrophobia
Weight gain – obesophobia
Women – gymnophobia

Surprised? Don’t be. Here comes the main question? Should these emotional anomaly be classified as a nature that differ among people or are they health conditions. Many psychologist had examine phobia to be an anxiety disorder. But this is the deepest form of phobia if not well taken care of. Phobia can be classified basically into two – specific and general there may be more.

A phobia is specific when attributed to something let say arachophobia- fear of spiders or fear of rats – zemmiphobia. Avoiding these things produce the solution to this kind of phobia. General on the other hand often affect the person life and manner of living. For example acrophobia – fear of height. This class of phobia dictates the person’s life but one thing should rest in our minds: our fear is as large as we believe it to be and it can also be as little as we believe it to be.

Our perception plays a pivotal role. Bottom line is the question of nature or health should not come to mind in the discussion of phobias but the operation of the mind should be brought to stand.


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