This outbreak of Corona Virus is by far one of the greatest challenges for the 21st-century man and humanity. It is holding us to a ransom and pockets our bravery. It creates a new way of life, a new order and once again, put out our failures.

To a European, the worst thing that can happen is for the economy to go into recession, unemployment and a wound in their hearts forever but for An African man, it is an entirely different narrative.

To the category of people that have been ravaged by poverty, diseases and insurgency, the emphasis is not on that afro mentioned, nevertheless, we will also be affected but can we ever miss what we’ve not enjoyed? And those we’ve enjoyed are not even at its best.

The African Story

Survival has always been the subject matter and all other problems are just thematic. I overheard someone saying “they are surprised that not many Africans have died or been infected”. Basically, it possibly can’t. You know why? These are the categories of people that malaria kills millions yearly? Where 80% of its citizens are living below $1 per day? Or the category of people that are always at the mercy of those they voted into power? Or at that those ravaged already by insurgency?Africans won’t die in the real sense of dying because they are dead already. Hunger kills more than the disease in this part of the world and almost everyone is depressed.

To an African man, this is just one of those wars that will come and go in no time. Just a dose affecting movements, that is not greatly appreciated. This is not our thing but as usual the European thing. Can we resume back to our daily hustles? Just to feed from hand to mouth? Can we get to go our ways as usual and walk majestically on our streets? Those are the concerns of an African man.

By Babatunde Adesokan

Pen Wizard 🖋️😉

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