Have you ever wonder why certain beings exhibit different ideologies or behaviors compared to yours? It is important to know that our experience or influence shapes us. According to the scientist’s view on the subject matter of gene and temperament, it is postulated that a large percentage of temperament is determined by genetics. But it has not been explicitly stated the specific gene transferred to produce certain behavioral traits. However, it is said that there are varieties of genes that contribute to the modification of a person’s temperament. It is worthy of note that external factors such as environment also contribute to an individual temperament. For example, a person from a violent surrounding is likely to keep to himself and enjoy loneliness. Compare to a person who was raised from an environment that is cosmopolitan and lively, such person is likely to be an extrovert and full of life

A good question that comes to mind is that, can these temperament be altered? To answer that, the first thing is to focus on yourself and try to understand who you are. Funny thing is that no temperament among the spectrum is all favorable. They all both their positive and negative parts. But if u end up not comfortable with your personality trait, just like how you believe you can change your attitude, you can channel your experience and mindset to develop the trait that you admire. It is all in your head and the process requires a conscious effort too.

Remarkably, an individual can exhibit more than one of these traits. And this can be classified as primary and secondary traits which are also dominant and minor respectively.

SANGUINE: Also known as the super sanguine. This is a trait full of life and overactive. People with this kind of trait are considered extrovert, talkative, completely sociable, and outgoing. More so, this class of individuals comprise of a wide range of emotions and behavior. They can be genuinely sad and on seeing something that makes them happy, they immediately switch to happy mode. Weird right? They are fun to be with and can be very impulsive. Optimism takes a fair share of their reality. They do away with all forms of negativity and discouragement.


• Sociable

• Outgoing

• Warm-hearted

• A fun lover

• Confident

• Pleasure

• Optimistic

  • Weakness

• Impulsive

• Forgetful

• Too loud

• Distractible

• An exaggerator

CHOLERIC: this trait is a very peculiar one found among majorly the female gender. It is often not the dominant trait. This class of behavior strives on results – they are goal-driven. They are extroverted characterized by a large amount of self-confidence. They are strong-willed and their communication skill is direct and contain little or no bit of emotion in it. They are dominating and very opinionated. They occupy themselves with challenges that have to do with strategic problem solving because they enjoy it


• Passionate

• Focus

• Efficient

• Practical

• Good planning skill

• Confident



• Aggressive

• Domineering

• Impatient

• Argumentative

• Less emotion

• Intolerant

• rude

PHLEGMATIC: As opposed aforementioned sanguine, this trait can be classified as an introvert. They can passive hence their lack of sense of urgency. As a result, they are often calm, easy-going, and unemotional. They are found with a lot of friends because they allow people to have their way. They stick to rules and schedules and see change as a wrong idea.


• relaxed

• quiet and calm

• kind

• consistent

• accepting

• affectionate

• peaceful

• observant

• friendly


• shy•

hate change

• stubborn

• passive

• unenthusiastic

• compromising

• sarcastic

• non-participative

MELANCHOLY: This set of people very cautious people. They are perfectionists and as a result pay attention to details. They are often obsessed with processes. They are very discipline to rules and are introverts. Change is not their best suit. They can be very factual and often beings of reason.


• thought

• considerate

• organized

• detailed

• creativity

• independent


• obsessive

• too cautious

• pessimistic

• difficult to please

• procrastinator

After reading this, what are you? Keep the comments rolling.

By Babatunde Adesokan

Pen Wizard 🖋️😉

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