In the contemporary world and internet history, blogging has come to stay and blogging is not done by a bot nor is it by itself but rather by bloggers. Bloggers are individuals who blog or author blog posts. On this rested the idea of Google analytics.

Google Analytics helps one to keep track of the amount of data or traffic from the website. This originally is for data analysis to account for the distribution of data for business purposes. It is more like a backdoor system or platform that the owner or digital data analyst uses to assemble and add values to the gathered data.

This narrows down to the use by blog owners or authors to track or monitor their various workers (bloggers) on their contribution and performance. In here, we will take you through the process of adding Author tracking to WordPress. Google analytics normally and the default is not programmed for blog owners to directly track the activities of bloggers (Authors). For this reason, led to the creation as MonsterInsights.

It is the best Word Press Analytics plugging’s 2019 with one million active users and installations. It is by far the easiest to use in tracking author overview of the activities on the Word Press site. Upon activating this plugging, it will give you an overview report of page views most popular author, most engaging among other things.


To start with, download and install MonsterInsights Pro plugging. Afterwards, click on sight then add-on to activate and install the dimension add-on.I hope you are following the steps strictly? Good! Let move on!What is next is to add Google Analytics to Word Press. It will then ask for License Key or a Pass Key, you should go back to your MonsterInsight account and copy-paste the key into the provided box names License Key in Google Analytics.

After it accepts the passkey, click on the tracking tab in the Google analytics. Afterwards, on the left-hand menu click on the CUSTOM DIMENSION – Right on this page, click on the ADD NEW CUSTOM DIMENSIONS link and set of instructions would dropdown.

There, you will then select Author as a custom dimension, then click on save and the setting would be saved already.

If you do not get a successful response, kindly go back and check or better still to clear all doubt, try it again.

Upon the successful setting up of this plugging, log next into your Google Analytics account then proceed to open your blog link to add the custom dimension settings done earlier for tracking. I hope we are still on the same page? If yes, congratulation you are doing well.

Kindly go to NEW CUSTOM DIMENSION key on the drop list. Immediately, a form will pop up and it will be the New Custom Dimension. Here in the field, you will need to add AUTHOR and tap on CREATE button.

To end this long process, you will need to make sure that the index number of Google Analytics with Custom Dimension ID is the same with Word Press monster insights settings. After this, the index number of the Author will be displayed in the index column in Google Analytics. Take note of this number. Thus, proceed to insights, then, setting in your Word Press admin section. You will see Tracking Tab, proceed to the custom dimension of the left-hand corner menu.

If you follow all step, the custom dimension ID aligns correctly with the number on Google Analytics page, you have then successfully followed the steps and do not need to change anything.

If para venture, it does not align, then enter the number gotten from Google Analytics index page into author dimension and tap on save changes button. Afterwards, to add is a custom report to the Google Analytic to read the authors effectively. There will be the need to add AUTHOR in the dimension drill-down and save it.

It will automatically show the traffic report from each Author so you are allowed to monitor page view and bounce rates according to the blog authors. For more detailed reports from custom author reports, proceed to select Author as a secondary dimension in Google Analytics. The process starts checking on Behaviour to site content than all pages. Then to choose a primary dimension. After that, proceed to the secondary dimension drop-down page below. It will automatically add the new outline column and display the blogger`s name alongside individual blog titles. This offers a more detailed and personalised overview of the report for Authors/bloggers.

So, all these are possible by the opportunity offered Google Analytics Different style, view, style of display of other personalised features made it possible. I want to strongly when this exposing and higher than write up has given you more than enough knowledge more to keep track of blog Authors. And I hope you learned greatly and happy monitoring.

This wouldn’t be possible without the creativity behind Google Analytics. It is not this plugin that is existing but a host others too such as ExactMetrics, Matomo, and Mixpanel so on. The best plugging is MonsterInsights as at November 2019.

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