There is a thin line between credibility and success and that is relevance. The idea of relevance cannot be overemphasized. The knowledge they say is the wealth and there is nothing more important than having that knowledge at your fingertips. Seeing this period as a means to boost our relevance helps the individual to not only build their CV but also increase their skill needed to attain the desired career.

This piece offers to provide you with an enormous wealth of knowledge on platforms that provide free online courses that are relevant to your career. According to Jim Kwik, the mind expert, he believes that knowledge is potential power and that the real power lies in the action-driven by that knowledge. And so visual platforms will also be presented to help you face tasks that will build your experience level in the career of your dreams.

Various online platforms provide relevant courses that can develop you. And the most important thing about these courses is that, they are self-paced. You don’t have to worry about time difficulty because they can be done anytime and anywhere.

But before that, this period can also be used a moment of evaluation, progress can also be measured and new skills can be built to foster self-development and relevance. If confused on a career path, you could consider these options of business skills according to Dr. Dipo Awojide which he believes will strive in 2020. They are, sales, business analysis, project management, marketing, Customer service, finance, and accounting, leadership, and management.

Allison: This site contains skill training courses with material that will make you effective in an office environment.

Microsoft Virtual Academy: With the growing need for Microsoft package skill and information technology in general, this platform brings to your table viable courses and materials that can develop

Codecademy: for the programming interested individuals this is definitely what u have been looking for. Ideas on data analysis, artificial intelligence, and other IT-related programs are available here.

HTML Dog: is also another site that makes available comprehensive courses on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This website encompasses different topics that you will find useful.

HOW Design University: This is a good site for aspiring or development graphic designer.

MOZ: Those interested in content marketing will find this site helpful. The site provides a good knowledge of Search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Coursera: This site contains a variety of courses from different fields that can help your skill development.

Harvard Extension: This is an online wealth of knowledge with over 800 courses and materials. So don’t deprive yourself.

Futurelearn: seeking different University courses then you have found the right place.

Open Yale Courses: different courses from Yale college with lecturing experience are present here.

Udemy: one of the popular online learning centers. It contains quite an enormous number of topics. I tell you, the course of your choice is there.

Dave conservatoire: For the music lover who seeks to increase his or her knowledge of music have found the right place.

As earlier mentioned, many different platforms offer virtual internships for interested individuals who want to develop important working skills. Here are a few virtual internship sites that will be helpful:

Way up



Global experience


There you have it. All at your fingertips. The next question which obtains the true power is, what will I do with sure a knowledge?

By Babatunde Adesokan

Pen Wizard 🖋️😉

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