To the Europeans, Feminism is an ideological movement towards the end of patriarchal dominance and discrimination based on gender. The claim is the superiority of a particular gender to the other and the obvious fronting of this at all levels in the society.

This implies a typical American Lady would be a feminist solely to fight for the collapse of the patriarchal dominance and fight for recognition in the political space, workspace, and equal rights at all levels and all other things.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to state that for an African woman who has been through all forms of subjugation, discrimination, racism, poverty, and death by the littlest diseases or be it a case of blatant denial of rights, voice and outright abuse in the hands of the patriarchal stipulations and beliefs.

For an African Woman, a lot is on her plate which includes being a mother to her child, a sister to her siblings, a child to her parent, and a partaker in the upbringing of the children in the neighborhood not leaving out being a wife to her husband.

This was the prevalent issue that ruled through the discourse and literature of the black women writer before contemporary time.

Over time, there came an entirely new narrative of the African woman story and a modified ideological orientation to fight against the patriarchal world. It is tagged Womanism which was first found in Alice Walker’s *The Colour Purple”. The idea was that an African woman is facing a lot of challenges with more pressing issues of poverty, illiteracy, corruption, and war which have even taken them away from the four walls of the class. Is it now these set of people you are going to sit down with and talk about fighting someone at the position of power, about their rights?! When they’ve not even finished sorting our issues of food and security

Several black women writers such as Buchi Emecheata and Ogunyemi have written African women story in a new order and the narrative has been changed from being just rebellion without knowing fully what’s being fought for to understanding what it takes to be an African Woman.

So to say, Womanism is what is for Africa not Feminism.

In present Africa, a man who hasn’t found his feet and jumps from one farm to the other or from one job to another or to say a woman with five kids who also is an illiterate to fight such a man? Is she ever going to remember her rights in such a situation?

African womanism is a modified ideological orientation that has Feminism as it is the source but not dubbed for the African people. Womanism tends to weigh opportunities, choose the right fight, and gradually fight through insecurity, hunger, lack of health care, poverty, and all that.

By Babatunde Adesokan

Pen Wizard 🖋️😉

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