Health is a phenomenon that is measured, following the well-being of an individual, but the question that needs our attention is, where does the line of balance in health start?

It is no new, we have always heard, personal hygiene guarantees good health, but what most of us do not know is that, health in itself starts from our home, place of work, surroundings, etc. In other words, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the neighborhoods we live and work can contribute to our health. Amazingly, our health is also affected by physical, mental, and social environmental factors that permeate the society. In other words, social and economic opportunities, social expectations, and other issues in society affects a man’s well-being. So, the condition that we find ourselves explicates why some parts of the society are well healthier than others.

From the nursing perspective. Roy’s adaptation model sees the person as a biopsychological being in contact interaction with a changing environment. The environment be it internal or external, is an instrumental element that affects human behavior. The stimulus that surrounds the environment can either threaten or enhance a person ability to adapt. One of the major tasks that we have is to maintain integrity while facing these stimuli. From Dorothy Johnson’s perspective, she sees the environment as all elements that surround the human system. This impacts the nurse’s idea of how to treat a patient, knowing fully well that environmental factors must be put into consideration. And so to measure the healthy state of his or her patient, he or she must look through the safety, comfort, and the relationship of the person.

For example, a person living in a riverine area with poor infrastructures it prone to sicknesses like typhoid, malaria, and various forms of hygiene-related diseases. To solve this kind of problem, it is eminent that provisions for areas like these are well catered for. On the economic influence, the lack of quality health is most time due to lack of resources. One of them is the absence of financial aid, and so there has been an increase in the dependency on unqualified medical practitioners in most rural areas. One good example is the reliance on herbs that are not medically quantified and most times not hygienic. This makes it obvious, the need for sensitization of people by pointing them in the right direction.

All these bring the psychological being to question. Can they perform optimally with what surrounds them? Situation in itself from the environment affects the mind and can either enhance or endanger their well-being.

By Babatunde Adesokan

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  1. This is quite true about our health, environment needs to be considered, it’s a factor that determines our health, either good or bad.
    Nice write-up sir.
    Keep it up.

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