Love is a beautiful thing and moments shared are always enjoyable and memorable. Either time flies quickly or slowly when it is love nothing changes. The dependent on beauty, shape and attitude is one of the flawed factors of the understanding of what love is.

They contribute some quota actually but they never really matter and do not keep even deceitful relationships for a long time. Being truthful, ready to make sacrifices and sincerity are important factors while also considering faithfulness. Once these things are out of a relationship, things would begin to go down the hill.

Ordinarily, bonding, with time, breeds familiarity. You both start taking things lightly and unconsciously other things or at that other people start making much sense to you than your actual person. If you’re experiencing that or have been seeing signs, then this article is for you. To keep the fire burning?

You must do these things:

To start with, communication is really important. According to experience and research, you tend to fall in love faster with someone you frequently be in contact with and now that the world has turned to a more complex global village, you might be surprised at the extent to which communicative barriers have been broken.

If so, why then must there be a gap… The suspicious gap between you and your partner?If you noticed that you’ve started getting disconnected from the person you’ve sworn your life for, then you must reach out to the other person and talk!Thrash things out then you have to pay serious attention to this particular meeting. Actions and subsequent attempts and steps after the discussion are important to avoid unnecessary stress or confusion which do lead to dating someone that has stopped dating you. It is crazy how fast and early that reality may descend on you.

After you’ve done this, find your spark again. Upon conversing, you should have noticed some of the problems. If you noticed, you’re the major source as a guy then you should go back to the drawing board and gave a rethink. Find the lost spark to spire! Is it that you have a female friend that’s causing the disconnection? Or is that your cliques have started talking about the compatibility criteria that has just been found? Is it that she has changed some of her favourite things she used to do? All these and some others are all you have to task your brain to solve for you and the lady respectively.

Upon doing all this, take practical steps. Go out on dates, share gifts the more. Find time to be together much more and always get romantic together. Love is a beautiful thing and what makes it a big deal is the fact that we’ve got to have someone in our heart and whatever happens, would design how our days would look. Love deeply, Kiss passionately and Be happy!

Thank You.

By Babatunde Adesokan

Pen Wizard 🖋️😉

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