The need to not just gather knowledge but professionally set those acquired knowledge ablaze requires a setting: hence internship.

The world of internship requires an acute understanding of the process that guides the intern’s actions. How more can you learn all this practically than being around professionals with experience reality of what project management is all about? As a project management intern, apart from the knowledge that has been acquired, certain qualities are responsible for driving success in the desired endeavor.

LISTENING AND COMMUNICATION: Listening plays a pivotal role and cannot be overemphasized in any measure of success. Knowing fully well that instruction will be given at regular interval, the ability to listen absent-mindedly does not just ensure quality response to the task but also ensure that project is on-time concerning schedule, and the object of the project aligns adequately with that of the instructor. This is an ingredient to drive productivity for the organization. There is no successful endeavor that has omitted the importance of communication out of what drives their success to the level they are. The success of any project hinges on the need to communicate. There should be a communication process to set priorities right and acquaint yourself with the rules and guidelines that the organization is built on. Not just that, the success of the project hinges on excellent communication skills.

CRITICAL THINKING: The internship world is not all about consuming knowledge but actualizing skills that have been built over time. The need to THINK CRITICALLY on projects displays the quality of a good intern. Specific tasks are left to the discretion of the Intern, and he/she should be able to set duties in motion without always being reminded. Duties like a consistent follow-up with necessary contacts to make sure projects are up to date, ensure project timelines are up to date using tools like Trello, Asana, Slack, etc.

CREATIVITY: Creativity does a great deal to a successful intern. The occupation of project managing being a practice or an act requires a lot of creativity. From the Project Management Institute’s point of view, the field in question acquires knowledge from several disciplines: HR, risk management, and so on. Some processes guide the action of a successful project manager, but it is worth noting that these processes should not be adhered to dogmatically. That is, we should not be slaves to these processes but should be able to decipher which measures can be appropriate in certain situations. This is a skill that can help important decision making and drive productivity.

In conclusion, the aforementioned skills are not exhaustive but to drive productivity for not just the Intern but the organization; there should be the need for the Intern to pay attention to these qualities. According to PMI, loss of communication in a project is the beginning of a project’s failure. The reality of the present-day project manager hinges on how much he/she see the importance of project management technology. This, in turn, builds communication and directs the team on the same page.

By Ogunkoya Kehinde

By Babatunde Adesokan

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